Cheap African Lion Hunting Excursions

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Cheap African Lion Hunting Excursions

Are you looking to fly to Africa to hunt some of the most thrilling game on the planet Earth?

Then you are what is clinically referred to as a sociopath. If you feel no pain, regret, remorse, sympathy for causing the death of magnificent living creatures, then you lack certain structural components in your brain. In fact, statistically, 1 in 25 people are sociopaths, so you’re not alone. And you certainly can’t help being what you are, and that is a bad person. And you are a bad person, leave no room for uncertainty – you possess none of that which makes humans human: Humanity.

You are an animal, a killer like those in the wild. But wild animals kill for survival. Is your survival dependent on an African lion hunting excursion? I certainly don’t think so. You want to take life simply to take life. Well, taking life shouldn’t be fun. If you needed to kill a lion to save yourself, or to feed yourself, it should be done with compassion and the understanding that it was necessary and a last resort. You should not find it a joyful experience.

If the idea of an African lion hunt excites you, then you were raised without compassion, or learning what compassion is. Life should be lauded, respected, loved. Travel to Africa, and hunt a lion to take photos of it. To witness it in its natural setting, with the African landscape its home. Why would you want to deprive such a rare, impressive creature of its life?

What makes you, an American sitting safely in your privileged American lifestyle, feel then need to travel around the globe to commit murder of an innocent lion?

If you want to go on an African lion hunting excursion, I consider you on the same level as excrement. Feces. The garbage waste of the human bowel. Dr. Walter James Palmer isn’t just a piece of crap for killing the beloved Cecil the Lion, he is for wanting to kill any lion unnecessarily. And the black bear he was also accused of killing illegally, and I’m sure many other innocent creatures fell to this likely sociopath.

African Lions should not be hunted, and not be killed, unless it’s deemed absolutely necessary by conservationist. And if an African Lion is hunted and killed, it should be done with remorse, not joy.

African Lion Hunting Excursion



If you don’t think there’s a possibility the NYSE was hacked, you’re a mind-controlled zombie robot from Hell. And if you read the American media, you’ll clearly see them scramble to explain off the Tweet sent from Twitter user Anonymous that essentially foretold the hack. Think about it, if you were the US Government, and not just the gov, but the President, would you want to let the entire WORLD know how vulnerable your economy was to tampering? That would open everyone and their brother, sister, and inbred cousin to give a go at messing with us. The US is the most hated, envied target there is… Such a demonstrated weakness would invigorate hackers, inspiring other countries to find other opportunities to enter and disrupt our economic systems. Our own citizens’ confidence in the NYSE would fall, and investors might stop investing. Might pull their investments. We’d see a sell-off, a self-induced recession, depression or worse. What’s worse than a depression? Whatever’s going on in Greece. That’s pretty bad. We’d see something akin to that.

My thought is, the NYSE being hacked caused such a panic, that the President himself got involved. I think we’re looking at one of the biggest cover-ups in US history: For a good reason. Our economy, our national security would all be in grave danger if there was an official announcement that the New York Stock Exchange was, indeed, hacked. Given that, no matter what is actually determined in any investigation, we’ll never hear the truth. But with common sense, we can be aware of the possibility, in fact, the LIKELIHOOD that some type of security breach or Denial of Service attack commenced on the NYSE July 8th, 2015.

The NYSE hack, if true, is certainly indicative of the current climate of IT security. It’s a cold, scary place. The greater dependence we have – COMPLETE dependence – on technology puts it in places it wasn’t previously. It’s pervasive. Your TV is likely Internet connected. A 1980s TV couldn’t be hacked. Now, if someone wants to, they can figure out a way to get into your TV and screw up your DVR, shut you down, pretty much any possibility with the right motivation and skill set.  And the speed at which we need to grow IT services, combined with the often too tight IT budgets, forces IT professionals to cut corners and rush through projects to complete them. Security, patching, monitoring are often overlooked or left behind as they struggle to provide for the demands of the business.

So, the NYSE is no more secure than any of the major hacks we’ve seen lately, including Sony, the IRS. We’ll never officially know if the NYSE was hacked, but I think it’s a strong possibility. Don’t fall for everything you read.

Think Scott Weiland Is On Drugs? Think Again.

Think Scott Weiland Is On Drugs? Think Again.

Scott Weiland, rock legend and former front man of STP and Velvet Revolver, has once again sparked conjecture about heroin use after a string of bizarre behavior during his current tour, Master Blaster. Lest you misjudge my intentions, this isn’t to blindly defend Scott and declare his claims of cleanliness the absolute truth; rather it’s to point out the flaws of drawing a conclusion based on incomplete information.  There is a wretched human tendency to want to see the successful fail, to see others succumb to their problems to make the weak feel better about their own weakness. The media, and sadly some fans, are so aching to have Scott be back on heroin that every stray twitch is immediately excused by claims that he’s high, that he’s using again. I will grant you, he’s displayed the symptoms of something, be it physical or emotional distress.  I wouldn’t presume to guess, or to judge him for what that is. I can only state the facts as they are, and the evidence as witness by my own eyes. Beyond that, any declarations regarding the state of Scott’s sobriety or drug use would be baseless and unfair.

The evidence of personal issues with Scott first began in February with an article published on the Daily Beast’s website, here, where the writer declared Weiland’s condition so pale and shaky, that had he encountered him on the street, he’d have called 9-1-1. Since then, there was the incident in Brighton where he was gruff with fans, and then the infamous Vasoline performance where the singer was clearly off form.

Then, last week, I had the opportunity to see Weiland with my own eyes. Stripped of the relentless opinions and theories of the doubtfully intelligent internet users whose mindless blabbering mire social media in a burning grammatical hell, what would I witness? What vibe would I get as Scott took the stage?

Beyond the desire to assess his condition, I also wanted a good show. So, when Scott started up the steps on the right side of the stage, then shakily fell back as he struggled to ascend, I thought, “Oh, no.”

Scott struggled to maintain his balance. His motions were slow, intentional as if it took every ounce of focus to coordinate his movement. Was Scott Weiland on drugs? Not an impossibility. But then he began to sing… And? He sounded superb.

A mind-altering chemical that leaves you shaky, off-balance and puts you into slow motion, yet allows you to sing so well you could cut an album from the live feed? The theory seems suspect. It seemed to me more specific to his voluntary muscle control – like his skeletal muscles aren’t getting proper messages from his brain. Like with the disease Multiple Sclerosis. In fact, difficulty with gait, balance, etc., are symptoms of MS. Scott definitely exhibited some symptoms of multiple sclerosis or some other degenerative CNS disease.

Is Scott Weiland suffering from a disabling nervous system affliction? To say that would be just as unfair as saying Scott Weiland is on drugs. We don’t know. We can’t know.

The only thing that’s 100% certain is that the man is experiencing physical or emotional distress. Given that, expectations should be adjust and copious amounts of slack should be cut – he’s not a rock star, or personal property – he’s a human being who’s in pain. People need to respect his right to privacy, and to stop making judgements and accusations without access to all the facts. If Scott Weiland is on drugs, or has a CNS disease like MS, he’ll go public with that when he decides.

Now go enjoy his music.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is Buffy Season 4!

You read it here first! Hopefully. As fun, special effecty and well-done as Avengers: Age of Ultron was, the blatancy of the Buffy ripoff was a big disappointment. Maybe writer/director Joss Whedon was hoping you wouldn’t notice; that Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans weren’t one and the same as comic book movie fans? He can’t be that out of touch, because that’s not the case at all. Maybe he didn’t realize it himself: That the Avengers: Age of Ultron is a bastardization of the story arc for season 4 of Buffy.

Ultron IS Adam. They are the Frankenstein monsters with big brains, just brought to life, with an at first ambiguous and ultimately terrifying urge to rid Earth of humanity. Each loves their wordy monologues and has hatred for their creator. Each enlists a tormented agent to incite dissent among their enemies – in Buffy’s case, Adam sends Spike. Ultron sends Wanda Maximoff. Each shows the enemy something they didn’t know in just the right way to cause infighting.

By the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the heroes unify stronger and more determined and create a Super being (Jarvis) to defeat the bad guy. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4, the Scoobies reunited combine their powers into a SuperBuffy.

So, yeah. Ultron is a high-budget Buffy season 4 with different characters assigned to the various conceptual roles.


Ray-J Shopping Amy Bouzaglo Reality Show?!

Ray-J Shopping Amy Bouzaglo Reality Show?!

It’s with a face-in-palm I write this update above my 2-year old article about the Wacky Bouzaglos, ‘cuz now it seems that, once again, is sticking his proverbial weiner into future reality fame whores: According to TMZ, he’s shopping a show starring Samy and Amy Bouzaglo. Could be a glorious train wreck – if it happens. And what’s with Ray-J trying to produce a TV show? You can’t include home vids on your resume, dude.


Amy Bouzaglo: Ignore her food. She may be a great pastry chef, an average cook, but that’s immaterial to the fact that she’s probably the most psychotic-acting person I’ve seen on TV. And I’ve seen an interview with Charles Manson. In fact, I’m almost speechless on the matter. Almost.

Amy Bouzaglo carries herself as if she’s the best chef on the planet. A carriage she viciously defends, and has to defend quite often, apparently. One would think that the best chef on the planet wouldn’t so frequently be attacked for making inadequate food… But her staff, her customers, her husband, Gordon Ramsay — all those people deserve the wrath of someone so outwardly overconfident that the only assumption I can make is that she’s the weakest, most insecure little quivering nerve buried deep inside that wide-eyed crazy face.

Was it done for publicity? It’s possible. Both Amy Bouzaglo and her furrin hubby Samy (who she spells incorrectly as “Sammy” on her own site) had to have been fully aware how Gordon Ramsay’s show goes, and that they’d be subject to criticism. But I think she’s that stupid and that insane that she actually thought that her food would be the one, the only, over several seasons, that would finally get Gordon to love their food. And they were partially right, because Amy Bouzaglo is the only person I’ve seen get any sort of compliment from him, and it was over her baking. Which all looks great. (UPDATE: According to statements from Amy, much of her baked products are repackaged and the images aren’t her own.)  But what is clinically wrong with Amy Bouzaglo, that’s up to a doctor for a definite diagnosis. The rest is conjecture, but it’s pretty apparent this flesh-eating psycho has absolute need for therapy.

Unless she’s a sociopath for real, which is very possible. She has no emotion other than outward anger and frustration, and it’s fancy that her “soul mate” is a man who happens to have money to fund her baking dream. Yeah, Amy Bouzaglo is looking more sociopathic the more I think about it. And there’s no cure for that; their brains aren’t wired to bear those pesky things the rest of us have to deal with: Compassion, love, morality. Check out the symptoms of a sociopath at the Mayo Clinic and compare them to her behaviour.

What do you think?


Keeping Up with the Kardashians passes the Bechdel test? REALLY?!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians passes the Bechdel test? REALLY?!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians passes the Bechdel test? Really, this is news, MSNBC? Anyone who watches Keeping Up with the Kardashians should pretty well know the show is well beyond feminism; in fact, it’s sexist in the less usual way: It’s brashly anti-male. The women on KUWTK only value beauty, their pointless beauty-based financial enterprises, and don’t even value the men in their lives enough to even let them get a word or opinion in edgewise.

Every single male featured on Keeping Up with the Kardashians been emasculated and psychologically destroyed. 

Let’s review the male-gender destruction record of KUWTK

Rob Kardashian

Rob is a complete mess, and understandably so. All he wants is his mother’s attention, and she gives him a fraction of what she doles out to her daughters. Watch the episode where Rob shows her the tattoo of her he got. She could give a rat’s ass. Maybe he needs to cut his weenie off…

…Which leads us to the next victim

Bruce Jenner

Need I say more? No, but I will. Bruce is smart, he realizes the only people who have value in that clan are the women. All that estrogen and attitude finally made him hate what he was enough to want to convert into what they are. Sadly, he will never be what they are, and may never find true happiness.

Scott Disick

Scott Diksuck is a big baby and has not an ounce of masculinity. Still, he has a penis, and isn’t respected at all by anyone in the family… Kourtney is an emotionally-closed person who spends her life robbing Scott of any chance of feeling like a man. He needs to step up, else he’ll end up doing a Bruce-style conversion.

Lamar Odom

Lamar morphed into a crackhead and cheated on Khloe.

In conclusion, every man on Keeping Up with the Kardashians is treated poorly and made to feel worthless. The show values only femininity and any of its associated accouterments – men are left out in the cold. This show is crap, it’s sexist and it’s anti-male. Given that, DUH about the Bechdel test, you dumb douches.


Bruce Jenner’s Fatal Accident: What You Don’t Know

Bruce Jenner’s Fatal Accident: What You Don’t Know

What you don’t know is what apparently media outlets like CNN also don’t know – heck – not even TMZ is getting a crucial bit of information on Bruce Jenner’s fatality-causing crash that took place on Sunday, February 8.

The key information being left out of every single story:

How did the Lexus driver die when the passenger compartment of her car seems to be completely intact?

It looks like the driver should have been able to simply walk away from the accident, albeit a little sorely. To see what I mean, take a look at the Bruce Jenner fatal accident pics here.

The front of the Lexus is completely destroyed, doing exactly what it was designed to do: Sacrifice itself in favor of energy absorption to minimize the impact on the vehicle’s passengers.

The driver’s area inside the car doesn’t appear compromised. There isn’t even a dent on the driver’s side door. No intrusions are visible. So either the driver of the car had glass pipettes for bones, or they weren’t properly buckled and the blast of the airbags was sufficient to cause death.

That’s my theory.

Why hasn’t a legit news organization addressed this? Potential reasons:

1. They don’t care and are looking at this as little more than a juicy story that disparages Bruce Jenner.

2. They aren’t smart enough to look at the pictures and make such an assessment.

3. They are purposely trying to hide certain aspects of the story.

Personally, releasing the exact cause of death and whether the Lexus driver was wearing her seat belt would go a long way to mildly vindicate Bruce’s part in the incident, as well as give the poor guy a slight bit of consolation in the fact that had she properly secured herself, she might be alive.

Again, all conjecture surrounding the Bruce Jenner fatal accident, but necessarily so given the lack of specifics from news outlets covering the situation.


Poltergeist 2015 and the Collapse of Hollywood

Poltergeist 2015 and the Collapse of Hollywood

Poltergeist 2015: The next bit of evidence the motion picture industry is on a slow, inexorable path to implosion. Hollywood is so bereft of good ideas that its taken to consuming itself, recycling phenomenal creativity that once existed into new, higher-tech presentations that lack the spirit and heart of the originals. These atrocities know as remakes and “reboots” draw audiences just out of pure curiosity to see what a given concept could look like with a better budget and modern filmmaking technology. But you only get one reboot before the novelty is lost, and like a starving animal eating its own legs to survive, Hollywood is soon going to run out of legs.

The situation is snowballing out of control. The timeframe in which a decent, iconic film becomes targeted for rebooting (or re-puking) has been shrinking like a collapsing star. Example: The re-puke of Total Recall was released in 2012, 22 years after the original. Fair, I guess. But the Spider-Man re-puke came 10 years later. And only 5 years after Spider-Man 3, the last entry in that thread of movies. By idiotic Hollywood logic, you should expect a complete re-puke of both the Hunger Games and Twilight by 2016… Those franchises have really been gathering dust!

Why is this the state of things? Because the know-it-all, garbage management in Hollywood – the likes of who were briefly revealed to the public during the Sony Hack scandal – want only rubber stamp, surefire money-makers made into films. They aren’t willing to take risks on weird premises, that could potentially flop, on the slim chance those gambles would morph into movie legend… You’d never see Nightmare on Elm Street – a story about a blade fingered, smart-mouthed scarface who kills teenagers through their dreams – be made today if the concept hadn’t already been established long ago during more daring times.

Hollywood has lost its creativity in favor of blockbuster profits.

Hence, theaters are now polluted with Poltergeist 2015. Moronic executives see that re-puke as nothing more than sure money. Doesn’t matter if it’s good or not.

An aside to re-pukes, and almost as bad, are untimely sequels: Whereas Poltergeist 2015 is a newer version of the first in the chain of Poltergeist franchise films and repurposes the original intent and (possibly) story of the 80s film, untimely sequels are films like Indiana Jones 4… A long-retired film or film series that is reactivated with grotesquely-aged cast members returning to churn out another money maker. South Park mocked the concept best when it depicted animated versions of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas raping the characters from Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Re-pukes and untimely sequels aren’t made because a compelling story was written that was so incredible that it HAD to be made, rather, financial toils demanded that a passable script be written to satisfy moviegoer’s desires to see nostalgic characters hit screens one more time.

The sad fact is, Poltergeist 2015 isn’t the first, and certainly isn’t the last classic film to be abused by Hollywood. As long as we are willing to pay to see great classics in a modern representation, the rape of these old, great films will continue. Hopefully, like a supernova, Hollywood will eventually swell and implode on itself, leaving a tiny, cool star that will lose its power… Then, the next great move forward in the motion picture entertainment medium can be free to ignite.


Is Taylor Swift Gay? A Brash Opinion

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Is Taylor Swift Gay? A Brash Opinion

First, a disclaimer on this Taylor Swift article: This is purely conjecture. Its theme is a conclusion based on observations made from a great distance combined with a well above average instinct when it comes to assessing and decompiling the psychological makeup of human beings. In layman’s terms, I can make very accurate snap judgments about people with very little substantial information. I can tell what their motivations are, why they conduct themselves as they do in social situations, interpret and understand their relationship issues, career choices. It’s as easy as seeing color, it doesn’t require deep analysis or reflection: I look, I see. It’s that simple.

Earlier in life, I assumed this was a standard human capability. With age, it’s become disturbingly apparent that very many humans buy people at face value: They hear words and take them as literal, as if being issued from a robotic source, like Apple’s Siri. It’s a skill – a gift, perhaps, to see past words and understand the true intentions and meaning of what the speaker is communicating. People are just… Blind.

Take Jerry Sandusky, for example. Does he not, in every single conceivable regard, scream creepy child molester? Yet, how many people stood up for him when he was accused..? How many administrators and fellow teaching staff at the school conducted their daily routines in his vicinity? The conclusion is drawn that no one picked up on that vibe. That truth, of what Sandusky was. Maybe blind eyes were turned, if he was that great of a coach, because winning was the objective and the costs were justified… But my belief is, those who interviewed him, had no clue what Jerry Sandusky was all about. Totally blind. Huh.

Which brings me to Taylor Swift. I think she’s gay. I feel that it’s obvious. It may not be obvious to the public, to screaming fans who perplexingly act like accusations of homosexuality are an attack on their beloved songstress… Why is being gay a bad thing? It’s not. It may not even be obvious to Taylor; she may not consciously be aware that these relationships keep ending the way they do because she’s simply not into men.

Granted, no Hollywood marriages make it in the long haul. But these are rather short-lived, even for a celebrity, and often seem to end with quite a bit of bitterness on both sides. Why?

Could it be that Taylor Swift is gay, and becomes rapidly spiteful of her male companions? They become targets of her resentment of not being able to openly display her true sexuality? I think Taylor Swift being gay would really explain a lot of her motivation career-wise. Her family and fans see the superficial Taylor, and they are proud of her… But she’s not proud of what she is, and she fears that the real Taylor she keeps tucked safely away wouldn’t be accepted… So her attitude is, “See Mom, see Dad, I’m amazing. Everybody loves me. I’m the best on the planet…” She’s fighting a constant battle that no one is externally aware of… She’s fighting herself, really. Proving herself to the images of her family that she created in her mind.

I never believe it when a person – celebrity or otherwise – carries themselves like they are royalty. It’s a smokescreen, and in her case, I think that it’s a cover for Taylor Swift being gay. Listen to the tone in her voice on New Year’s Eve, she’s being briefly interviewed as fans make noise behind her. She grunts out, “They’re chanting.” Brutishly, arrogantly, with undertones of, “I’m so great they are worshipping me.” Same tone/attitude inflected in the line “I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.”

She can’t hide her sexuality for long, and it will certainly be an interesting media hoopla when she does finally get found out. Like I said, Taylor Swift’s gay is conjecture and opinion at this time, but rarely am I wrong about such assertions… Time will tell.

RadioShack Bankruptcy a Total Shocker- Here’s Why

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RadioShack Bankruptcy a Total Shocker- Here’s Why

RadioShack bankruptcy rumors are completely startling, because I had no idea that place was still open. It’s shocking that it took this long for even rumors of them going out of business – how has this not happened years ago? Heck, even Target is closing mad stores in Canada – if Target can’t keep 133 stores open, how can a half-assed cellular outlet that sells radio controlled cars and probably a leftover stockpile of 1980s board level electronic components afford to pay their leases and the one bored, lonely sales guy/manager who sits at each store, staring out the front window, over the horizon, waiting for that one customer who finally walks to the door and realizes they’re at RadioShack, not DOTS, and walks next door?

The RadioShack bankruptcy is long overdue indeed: Remember Tandy computers? Niche little buggers, maybe didn’t sell in epic numbers, but at least was an exclusive product that helped each bobbing little store stay afloat. Fisher audio? Wasn’t the best, wasn’t the worse. Again, it was a product that if, for some reason, you were spastically attached to it you had to go to RadioShack to buy. What draw do they have today? 90% of their products are available at Best Buy. Heck, 90% of their products can be had at the Walmart electronics section… The electronics tinkerer doesn’t exist anymore. HAM radio nerds are a dying breed… So what’s been keeping their doors open since the downfall of 1990s computer boom? I’m not sure.

Let’s think of some funny ways we’ve been avoiding the inevitable RadioShack Bankruptcy.

1. Rechargeable batteries. Older, hard-up women who find paunchy 30-something RadioShack managers attractive stop in frequently to consult them about excessive massager power consumption.

2. That one display-unit-only USB turntable collecting dust on a shelf.

3. Old people who think cell phones are modern 2-way radios. Lexington 647, come in, over! Are you there!?

4. Strip malls like the filler. Maybe stores get free rent so they don’t have to board the windows up on another store front…

Who knows. The dodging of the RadioShack Bankruptcy is up there with other great mysteries: The city of Atlantis, John Kennedy, Kim K’s fame.