Ashley Wagner in a bikini. You know you wanna see, too!

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Ashley Wagner in a bikini. You know you want to see it. You were sitting there, watching the Olympics, hoping to just enjoy it for the competition and athleticism, but you know what happened. You saw those cute women in super tight clothing and you thought it was hot.

You know Ashley Wagner in a bikini is going to look super hot. She’s so thick and muscular in just the right places. And she has a super strong sexuality as she performs… You can almost picture Ashley Wagner nude as you watch that form-fitting fabric cling to every inch of her tight body.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any Ashley Wagner in a bikini photos out there, at least that are REAL and I can find. So this is a call out to everyone looking: If you find pics of Ashley Wagner in a bikini, PLEASE post the link here so I can integrate it to the site!! Of all the photo shoots that Olympians do, there has to be some sultrier shots of her out there. Now that she’s famous for her memes, hopefully some paparazzi will follow her as she takes some time for R&R and get some good Ashley Wagner in a bikini photos as she chills on the beach or whatever.

And they haven’t shown any video packages with her and a boyfriend, so it could be a naked truth that she is single. Good for everyone and their fantasies! And who doesn’t love a tough attitude? She knew that she deserved a better score, so why not let the judges and the world know by scowling? She probably wanted pics of her scowl to go viral, and it worked. It made her famous. Now, everyone is searching for that, and for nudes and something a bit racier than the skaters unitard.

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