B-Double-O-T-Y of America’s Got Talent – Where Is He Now?

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B-Double-O-T-Y of America’s Got Talent – Where Is He Now?

Update: Here’s the clip -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z5to-1HoGA]

And update in general: I think this is STILL on the show – can anyone confirm? I haven’t watched AGT in a couple weeks, but I thought I saw them on a promo. Are they really coming back every single week doing the same exact performance?! Would a record company really want to sign them and distribute that song given that EVERYONE is already ill of it? lol…

Old article:

I can’t believe even Howard Stern let these guys through based on the clear admission that B-Double-O-T-Y guy ONLY wants to sing one song and have one hit to win America’s Got Talent. If Tone The Chiefrocca and his partner can come out every week and bring down the house like they did tonight, beating out other acts who grow and change up what they do as the season progresses, well, that says a lot about what America really finds to be talented.

But oh well, B-Double-O-T-Y, B-Double-O-T-Y… I can’t get that damn thing out of my head. It’s not on Youtube yet – what!? Things hit Youtube SECONDS after something airs, don’t they?? Well, where is it? If anyone out there has a video of the Tone The Chiefrocca B-Double-O-T-Y performance on tonight’s AGT, please post it here via your Facebook account. Also, if you have the lyrics written down, paste them into a comment here so I can post. Post the lyrics, that is.

Until then, I’m certain that my dreams will be unfortunately haunted by B-Double-O-T-Y! B-Double-O-T-Y! B-Double-O-T-Y!!



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