Why Did Brian Die On Family Guy?! Is Brian REALLY DEAD?!

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Why Did Brian Die On Family Guy?! Is Brian REALLY DEAD?!

This is an update to this article, with a definitive answer: Brian Griffin died because Family Guy has completely lost its magic, and it was a weak way to get attention focused back on the show.

All sources point to yes, Brian Griffin is dead. I can’t believe that Seth McFarlane would choose this route to run the show into the ground, but here we are. It’s been rumored for a while that Seth believes that the show has run its course, which based on the lackluster scripting of late, is true, but why can’t it die with dignity? It can go away in a fan-friendly manner that satisfies both the producers AND the fans. Instead, Seth has chosen a path where a central character, Brian, dies and now people are going to hate producers for the death of one of their favorite characters. Brian Griffin is dead. I can’t believe that we’re mourning a fictional, animated character, yet here we are. In fact, I think it was a slap in the face of every fan for them to make that choice.

Think about the ramifications of Brian’s death: Brian and Stewie are, well, were, one of the greatest fictional relationships of all time. Like Kirk and Spock, Mutt and Jeff, Riggs and Murtaugh, etc. Producers are shooting a pellet gun at a hot air balloon hoping that it will sink. How about accepting the challenge of making the show better, bringing it back to its earlier glory. I get that Seth probably wants off the show after all these years so he can move onto the big screen blahbiddy blah, but he could have turned the reigns over to some new blood and let them rework things in a positive way. Instead, he chose killing Brian as a solution.

My question is, does Seth Mcfarlane want to be done with TV completely? Where does that leave American Dad? Over the last couple seasons, American Dad has definitely been the more consistent, solid production from his creative loins. If the ratings are still there, find a way to make the shows better. Don’t make Brian’s death be in vain. In fact, I think they should reverse Brian’s death by using the wooden Native American time machine and going back before the Mercedes S-Class hits Brian and causes him to die.

Redeem thyselves, for the sake of us remaining Family Guy loyalists! Go back in time and unmake Brian Griffin dead!!

And now, now that Brian Griffin is dead, I’m off to watch this week’s South Park. :)

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