Is Peter Boulden of Pretty Wicked Moms Gay? @emilydboulden

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Is Peter Boulden of Pretty Wicked Moms Gay? @emilydboulden

Why do I continue to let myself be roped into these pointless (but riveting) train-wreck shows? Honey Boo Boo will return to my clutches shortly, but in the meantime, Pretty Wicked Moms has been satisfying some of my urges to watch the bizarre familial situations that TV producers so expertly hack into a 60-minute slice of my life (yes, that may have been a Dexter reference.) Pretty Wicked Moms centers around the owner of Swank Atlanta, Emily Dees Boulden, age 28, (“Queen Bee”) and her dentist husband, Peter Boulden. She’s your stereotypical TV blonde: “I criticize my female competition all the time and…diapers, ew, what are diapers!?”

And Peter Boulden (see Facebook page here) is her husband who gets to put up with her high-maintenance antics, to our entertainment. The trick with Peter Boulden is… he’s clearly gay. Now don’t misquote me here: Peter Boulden has never, to my knowledge, made a public admission of being gay. But how the hell can anyone watching that show not clearly get a mega-gay vibe from him? Better question, how can his own wife, Emily Dees Boulden, have no freaking clue? First of all, the whole multi-episode game of him trying to get their kid out of their bed so he can have sex with her couldn’t possibly look more forced or fake. There is no attraction between these two humans.

But the issue is much deeper than a contrived episode conflict. If you watch Peter Boulden and his mannerisms, they are extremely effeminate. Actually, strike that: They are just straight up gay male. Women don’t even bring out the little neck slides and jerks unless they are really upset and wagging their finger about in a fit of fury. I think Peter Boulden lacks sexual desire not only for Emily Dees Boulden, but for women in general. In fact, Peter Boulden let his daughter paint his toe and fingernails in last night’s episode. A cute thing to do with your child for sure, but in light of picking up on the multiple obvious signals that Peter Boulden is attracted to men, seemed extremely befitting. And too well-enjoyed.

I think both Emily and Peter Boulden need to really explore whether or not he’s gay, or at least attracted to men. They seem to have little interest in each other, or at least he has little interest in her. I don’t understand why people aren’t more honest with themselves and true to their feelings. Neither Boulden will be happy if the guy is gay. He needs to decide what’s best in his life, and Emily needs to wake up and see the very obvious truth about Peter Boulden… Thoughts?

Pretty Wicked Moms, Swank, Atlanta. Emily Dees Boulden age is 28-years old. Emily Dees Boulden car appears to be an orange Lamborghini Gallardo based on Peter Boulden’s Twitter account. Emily’s diet appears to be scant, as she looks far older than her actual age of 28 because she’s so skinny. She’s thin enough that she is bony and almost anorexic looking. She certainly looks as thin as a pre-pubescent boy. Her makeup is also excessive. She doesn’t need that much makeup, it’s certainly overkill. She’d be advisable to go more natural. She looks younger that way. If you want to see Emily Bolden without makeup see Peter’s Twitter. Peter seems to be a cosmetic dentist in Atlanta. He claims to be a co-founder of a Dental Spa named Atlanta Dental Spa. His Twitter account is @peterboulden